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If you’d like to create a life you love, then the books I'm about to share with you will be the most important book series you’ll ever read.

True inspiration is power.

The feeling that you get when you read a story that resonates with your soul is priceless. It has the power to change the entire direction of your life and also fundamentally change who you are as a person.

But before we dive in a little further, I just want to make something very clear…

The stories shared in this series of books are real, true-life, heartfelt accounts of manifesting.

And this is where the 'true inspiration' resides…

These 7 books cover the full spectrum of life and various ‘themes’ that you can resonate with when you need, even if you’re broke, sick or facing extreme emotional challenges.

I have turned to them in times of need and I believe you will too. With that said … let me jump right in and show you the books …

The Best-Selling Manifesting Series: 75,000 books in 26 countries!

... with over 200+ Real Life Manifesting Success Stories that show you exactly how they manifested real results, and how you can too..."

"The Inspirational Resource You've Been Waiting For...

Sarah Prout

Best Selling Author & Manifesting Expert

The Bestselling "Adventures in Manifesting" Book Series

The Adventures in Manifesting Book Series

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Available in Both Digital & Paperback Collections

This book actively demonstrates the art of manifesting success and spirituality. Whether through the journey of rags to riches, sadness to joy, discovering purpose or manifesting love, this book has been designed for you to find resonance within every chapter.

Through real-life examples of how to create a life you love, this book will inspire you to turn your dreams to reality filled with success and spirituality.

Success and Spirituality

Written by individuals from all walks of life and transcending all possible limitations, it shares wisdom, insight and teachings of how to achieve your greatest desires. 

Whether through the experience of dis-ease to wellness or discovering the power of gratitude, language patterns and self love - this book has been crafted for you to connect with every chapter.

Health and Happiness

This amazing book peels back the layers of the human spirit to uncover your own exquisite beauty and unlimited potential. Whether you wish to attract your soul mate or twin flame, create more inner peace and harmony, or embrace the rising consciousness of love and oneness, these stories will inspire and guide you on your own journey.

You’ll also discover how to feel blissfully comfortable in your own skin, release the pain of past relationships, and seek your own happily ever after from within.

Love and Oneness

Get ready to be inspired by these heart-warming and empowering stories of hope, transformation, and the power of healing. Each story will take you on a journey of self-discovery into the unlimited potential of the human spirit.

You’ll discover how to create your own reality, rise above perceived limitations and consciously take charge of your own sense of well-being.

Whether it is healing from emotional trauma, so-called incurable disease, or learning how to create a deeper connection with your soul, this book will open your heart and inspire you to begin your own journey of healing from within.

Healing from Within

Each story will inspire you to discover your own life’s passion and purpose.

You’ll be inspired by people who have followed their dreams to create incredible success for themselves, giving you valuable insight about how to begin your own path to fulfillment.

This book includes tales of rags to riches, overcoming obstacles, and rising above limitations to the heights of empowerment both personally and professionally. Soon you will be swept up as you’re guided to follow your intuition and consciously create a life of ultimate freedom.

Passion and Purpose

Open your heart and take yourself on a journey through the exquisite landscape of love.

You will adore seeing how soulful relationships have Divinely manifested in the hearts and minds of others. Whether you wish to meet your soul mate, understand why you attracted certain people into your life, need to heal emotional pain, or want to learn how to connect on a deep soul level with your higher self, then this book will illuminate your way.

Soulful Relationships

Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and tune into the essence of success. Whether you’re at the start-up level, wish to escape the nine-to-five grind, or looking for a dose of inspiration to create a life you love, then this book will help strengthen your mission and will remind you of all the elements required to create a conscious and sustainable enterprise that makes a difference in the world.

Starting from zero to generating millions, losing it all to completely rebuilding, or taking massive leaps of faith to fine tuning your purpose . . . these are just a few of the stories that will take you on a journey into the realm of limitless possibilities.

Conscious Business

"Discover How To Rise Above Extreme Adversity And Create A Life You've Always Dreamed Of, No Matter What The Conditions and No Matter What Your Circumstances..."

This isn't like any series of manifesting books you've ever read.

There's no sugar-coating some of the difficult things that can randomly show up in your life from sudden death, to illness to money troubles – these stories dive into the human spirit and show you how to rise above extreme adversity. 


My business partner/husband and I (Sean Patrick Simpson) collated The Adventures In Manifesting series with over 200+ authors in over 26 countries around the globe.

We put out the call for ordinary people and also transformational leaders in the field of personal development to share their personal Law of Attraction stories.

We manifested an overwhelming response and attracted the best of the best including teachers from the hit movie ‘The Secret’ such as…

Featuring Bestselling Authors, Transformational Thought Leaders and World Renowned Teacher's From The Secret

Vishen Lakhiani

(Founder of Mindvalley)

Janet Bray Attwood

(New York Times Bestselling Author)

Dr. John Demartini

(Speaker & Author)

Dr. Joe Vitale 
(Bestselling Author & Teacher in The Secret)

Jacky Newcomb 
(Angel + Afterlife Expert)

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf

(Physics Scholar & Author)

Loral Langemeier

(Bestselling Author & Wealth Coach)

Bob Doyle

(Bestselling Author & Entrepreneur)

These are just a few of the 200+ transformational authors you are going to have the opportunity to learn from...

Imagine having this 7-Book collection sitting on your bedside table or favorite bookshelf and being able to start and end your days being inspired with soulful guidance on how to create a life you love...

Well, you don't have to imagine, because you could have all these books in your digital library instantly, today, or in paperback format within the week!

The power of real-life inspiration like this cannot be underestimated. It shows you what is possible and that real people, just like you can manifest miracles and achieve amazing results.

The Power of Real-Life "True Inspiration" Is Priceless

This series is far more than just a simple dose of inspiration...

It's a miracle "manifesting resource" to turn to whenever you're in need. 

Take what happened to me for example...

I was on my honeymoon in the Dominican Republic in 2013 and was suffering a miscarriage (1 out of 5 I had in an 8 months period)... 

It was supposed to be the happiest time of my life, but I felt like I was sinking into a pit of despair. Desperate to make myself feel a little better and see people that had overcome the same obstacle, I turned to my ‘Adventures in Manifesting: Health and Happiness’ book to read a chapter called ‘When Faith Is All You Have’ by Shelby Alexander Griggs...

In her heartfelt chapter, she shares the story of how she suffered multiple pregnancy losses and how  just as she was about to give up hope, she manifested a healthy baby against all odds.

Her inspiring story gave me hope that maybe, just maybe, even after all the pain and heartache I had experience, that I could go on to have another healthy baby as well. 

That inspiration kept me on my own path to holding the vision of carrying a healthy baby one day... and guess what? My baby Lulu Dawn was born in March 2015.

Every Story Will Resonate With Your Soul

Here is a small snippet of just a few of the 200+ stories you'll be inspired by...

How one woman lost $100,000,000 and then manifested it all back again.

How a Cancer patient cured herself of the disease with the power of her heart.

How a man found himself ready to blow his brains out with a shotgun when Divine intervention stepped in to save him.

How a single mother in Australia manifested her soulmate on Twitter (it was me!)

How abuse victims have risen above their pain and empowered others to life a life they love.

How people have connected with their inspiration and spirit guides to illuminate an path of unlimited possibilities for themselves.

How one man lost his wife, his job, his home and climbed back up again to find faith, hope and newfound motivation.

How one woman went from welfare to millionaire in a very short period of time.

... And the list goes on and on!

Love Notes & Rave Reviews For The Adventures in Manifesting Book Series

~ Suzi Palmer

I have received so much already from Adventures in Manifesting ~ Success and Spirituality as well as its companion book: Adventures in Manifesting ~ Health and Happiness! Every chapter I've read has been bursting with brilliant inspiration that has set my life alight with irrepressible enthusiasm...

For nearly two decades, life has taken me on the journey to gain metaphysical insight, deeper understanding and a liberated state of mind. So many vehicles have given fuel to my mind and nourishment to my soul, but none as powerfully as the Adventures in Manifesting series.

Every line, on every page, by every author has touched my heart as if they were telling me their stories in person... I feel a deep sense of kinship and gratitude for the depth of honesty and humanness shared so that the reader too is encouraged to live the inspiring life we are born to live."

"Bursting With Brilliant Inspiration..."

~ Swati Pandey

It is especially inspiring since it talks of people in real life and how they changed their perspectives and thus their lives… 

We see problems as problems but if we begin to see a problem as an opportunity that brings a reward, then effort becomes so easy! Life does not seem difficult at all. 

In this book I found tools/ideas/spiritual perspectives that help me shift my perception. 

Best part is that it is not superficial and presents several methods/tools going beyond the management oriented style of bullet points. It addresses the issues from healing/spiritual/evolution perspectives with illustrations that one can connect with. 

For those who wish to grow and expand; who truly seek solutions and answers...I recommend you read this."

"A Very Insightful Collection"

~ Jeff Thibodeau

I could not be more impressed with the depth, wisdom and positive spirit contained in these pages. 

The first (and second) time I picked it up, I couldn't put it down for hours. 

Every single chapter I read impacted me in deeply meaningful ways

The very personal and insightful stories were both engaging and enlightening and I felt as if I could relate to every one of them. This will be a constant friend to me on my journey towards health and happiness. 

I am sure that if you read this, the same will be true for you. 

Enjoy! Five stars across the board!"

"Fantastic Book!"

~ Dr. Erica Goodstone

I was emotionally touched and personally intrigued by the potential that every one of us has for manifesting our dreams. 

Each writer's story is completely different. 

We are certainly not all made from the same mold, so our issues, problems and challenges are different. Sometimes we look at others and think they must have it easier. 

Read and gain hope from these inspiring stories of individuals who weren't thrown by some really severe problems (homelessness, bodily injuries that seemed impossible to heal from, desire for a new love that appeared through a tweet from another part of the world, and so much more). 

If you have been struggling with a "problem" and feel like giving up, read these stories and allow them to support your inner wisdom, the part of your that say "Yes I can" to living your best life."

"Read and Gain Hope From These Inspiring Stories"

Such a GREAT book filled with endless inspiration with each turn of the page. 

I found myself starring off & jotting down so many wonderful tidbits of very powerful information each and every time I sat down to read it. 

This is definitely not a "one time read." I am grateful to say that it will forever remain a part of my treasured book collection.

Filled with incredible teachings from so many different people - you cannot help but feel inspired, empowered and ready to take action in order to dramatically improve your own life! 

It's wonderful to be guided by so many diverse people throughout their own personal stories of overcoming all limitations in so many different areas.

Both Adventures in Manifesting: Success and Spirituality as well as its companion book, Adventures in Manifesting: Health and Happiness are infused with life changing inspiration & guidance! 

You will find significant inspiration & motivation whether you only have time to enjoy the book in small segments or in large portions! ~but be warned, it IS difficult to put down! *Highly recommended*"

"Forever Part of My Treasured Book Collection..."

~ Sarah Centrella

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